Boxhead Bounty Hunter

Are you a big fan of flash games? Then maybe you’ve heard about boxhead. The boxhead bounty hunter flash game is something that most players of flash games have already known or has even played in the past – but for those who haven’t heard of this game (or has even played it before), then here is the scoop as to what the fuss is about.

Boxhead bounty hunter is an online flash game that can be addicting to those who love a good zombie killing game. This is a 2-D maze roaming game where you have full control of the character. You have the choice to shoot your enemies (which are of course, Zombies and fellow gamers) with a large amount of explosives and guns. One more thing about this game, unlike so many others – is that you have online opponents. It’s not only about killing the zombies in this game. As the story would go, the boxhead hunters have gone against each other to determine which of them is the best. Boxhead bounty hunter has a very simple online registration: Just create your username and make a password and that’s about it. You have options into customizing your character and plenty of options that you really don’t need to worry about.

After all of that is done and settled with, you will then be lead to matches that takes you and other boxhead bounty hunter players into rounds where each of you battle for supremacy. You have at least 10 minutes in every game and one of the game modes is called the “Death Match”. This holds up to at least 16 players and different maps. The objective of this match would be to finish off your opponents for every time you succeed into killing an enemy; they would burst into cash. With the money you earn, you can use these to upgrade and buy more weapons.

Here’s the fun part of the game: If you happen to be at first place, you become the dead eye. This means, that your location is revealed to every player in the game and once the match would end, the game will give the results as to how much money you’ve earned, what place you’ve fallen into and what kind of title you would receive. Don’t worry, if you didn’t have luck with kills in the match you still have 1000 and that sums up with the kills you did have throughout the match.The Boxhead Bounty Hunter is still a good game for you to play and it’s pretty much the boxhead you know, just think of it without the zombie killing.

The game does not get boring even though this only has one mode – but it sure gives you a lot of replay value unlike some flash games that are available online. So if you’re looking for a thrilling game and so happen to be a fan of boxhead, then maybe it’s time for you to give Boxhead Bounty Hunter a shot.